SCM player skins Full Of Weapons: SVT 40

SVT 40

2 commentaires :

Anonymous said...

Looks just like the one that I have

Dean L. said...

Good rifle I have one and it is fantastic. First rifle more popular with the enemy than its own troops. This was the due to the fact that it was too complicated to the mostly untrained conscript Soviet solider. The Finn's and German's love them as they were well versed and drilled in the importance of frequent weapon cleaning and maintenance. The fact that all Russian Ammo is corrosive did not help the matter any. The Soviet that didn't clean it after firing would find the action would rust shut completely ruining your day in a fire fight. It fires the potent 7.62X54R cartridge and due to the integral muzzle brake it has a recoil that is roughly equal to that of an SKS with Yugoslavian ammo. Very accurate and a hell of a lot of fun to shoot.


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