SCM player skins Full Of Weapons: Doomsday Industries

Doomsday Industries

           Doomsday Industries has developed New Ambidextrous Tactical Accessories for the AR15 and M&P15-22 platforms. The company launched July 2013 and has designed and developed the Best in Class ambi charge handle for the Smith and Wesson M&P15-22 platform. The stock charge handle is made of polymer, flexible, and not suitable for those running magnified optics with an objective lens that can get in the way of accessing the charge. Because of this Doomsday Industries designed an ambidextrous charging handle, one that’s heavy duty, improves grip, unlike any other charge handle on the Market for the M&P15-22 platform.
They have also designed and developed an ambidextrous magazine release for the AR15/M&P15-22 due for release 12/2013. The AMR helps the end user to release the magazine with their strong or support side while keeping the rifle pointing towards the target and loading a new magazine without moving your finger off of the trigger. This allows for better arms manipulation, control, and overall balance while training or in combat. Doomsday Industries has plans to release new tactical accessories in 2014 for the AR15 platform so check them out online at and on facebook.


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