SCM player skins Full Of Weapons: DPMS LR-308 w/ PRI rail system

DPMS LR-308 w/ PRI rail system

Build rundown:
DPMS LR-308. $934.33
A3 flat top upper w/ forward assist factory option. $79
24" 416 stainless match barrel , cryo treated upgrade $69
black teflon finish, factory upgrade $29.22
Factory 2-stage trigger upgrade $89
PRI AR-10 GenIII Carbine Fiber Forearm, Rifle Length - for DPMS/KAC $335
PRI AR-10 GEN III/ Forearm Rail Rilfe-Long $162
DPMS mangonel BUIS front. $115
KAC 0-600m rear BUIS. $175
Magpul PRS stock $230
Accushot BT13-QK monopod $100
Bobro Engineering bipod Type 2. $219
David Tubb flat chrome silicon buffer spring $27
PRI gasbuster charging handle. $89
KNS Gen-1 anti-rotational trigger group pins. $30
DPMS walnut HK PSG-1 style grip . $61.95
SWFA SS 10x42 Tactical side focus 30mm riflescope $399.95
SWFA SS Kill-Flash Anti-Reflection Device $39.95
SWFA 42mm sun shade $29.90
Leupold Mk4 30mm rings $110
Butler Creek lens cap kit (20 eye, 30 Obj) $15.95
SR25 magazines (3) $130
All stock parts with the rifle (aluminum fore end, A2 stock, A2 grip, Panther target grip, etc)
50 rounds Federal 168gr Sierra Matchking ammo run through rifle break-in, 100 rounds down the tube
Full 24" bull barrel to get you past 800m or cut/thread if you want a lighter, compact tactical tack driver and plan to run a suppressor! Over $3470.25 invested in 2008 dollars

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