SCM player skins Full Of Weapons: Gilboa Snake Double Barreled Assault Rifle - LASERS Twin Synchronizes LASERs

Gilboa Snake Double Barreled Assault Rifle - LASERS Twin Synchronizes LASERs

I thought this looked like a rather unique new invention.. Why not apply double-barrel platform to the rifle world? It works for shotguns right? This gun looks cool, although I don't know if I will fork over the thousands to buy one.. It is the Gilboa Snake double barreled AR-15 manufactured by the Israeli company named Silver Shadow. A semi auto and full auto version are being manufactured. Also, this gun will fire 2 rounds per trigger pull for the semi auto version.. Hopefully, they will make a version that is 16" or long, so it can be owned in Washington state. The rifle is listed as being 9.5" for each barrel, but obviously, with NFA restrictions, it will hamper sales if they do not make a longer barrel version.
Two 5.56 rounds are still cheaper than one 6.8SPC round.. Also, the ability not to have to reload after 60 rounds has its advantages, esp if you don't need a larger round, esp in CQB scenario, which this gun appears to be more designed for, as you can see with short barrel configuration. I'm not sure if there is a double-trigger mechanism, like with a double barrel shotgun, but if there isn't, that would be a valuable feature for this gun to add. Drums are clunky and inefficient, but the design of the double mags does not seem invasive and looks more efficient than a drum.. And, of course, you don't have to worry about double-taps, as the gun does that for you.. :winkkiss:

As I said, I don't know if I am investing my money in one of these things.. But, it just looks like a cool gun to have; however, I do seem some practical uses for it.

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