SCM player skins Full Of Weapons: Maressa Fox enjoying the last of fall in the woods.

Maressa Fox enjoying the last of fall in the woods.

Maressa Fox enjoying the last of fall in the woods.

Primary Weapons Systems Mk1, Mod 1 upper. Lightweight, free floating barrel in a lightweight piston upper configuration. Unlike every other piston system on the market, it utilizes a long stroke gas piston system for a recoil impulse similar to a DI (direct impingrement) system. Adjustable gas system and Key Mod free float rail too!

Trijicon TA31 Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG). Wide Field of View, 4X magification. Great for medium distances, but you can stretch it out to 600 yards easy. Was kind of embarassing pitting my SPR build against a pal with a ACOG and he could keep up with less than half the magnification. With some practice, it can be used a close range sight, using the same concept as the Armson OEG, the great grand daddy of Red Dot Sights first used militarily in the Son Tay Raid, 1970.

Magpul Industries Corp. PMAG M3, Windowed:

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