SCM player skins Full Of Weapons: Best new guns from 2015 SHOT Show

Best new guns from 2015 SHOT Show

If you're an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment, Las Vegas is the place to be this week. The annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show—better known as the SHOT Show—is the launching pad for a plethora of new firearms and firearm accessories.And after a few years where innovation in the industry was de-emphasized to focus on meeting backorders on existing models, firearm manufacturers are now ready to stretch a few creative muscles. Here's what turned our heads—and what we heard other showgoers buzzing about.

Uzi Pro and Uzi Pro SB pistols

These models mark the return of the Uzi Pro brand to the U.S. handgun market. Based on the design of that company's famous submachine gun, they feature a polymer grip to reduce the gun's weight and an integrated magazine release button to let users quickly change out magazines.What makes these large-frame pistols stand out, though, is the stabilizing brace on the side of the gun, which the company says improves accuracy. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the Uzi Pro is $1,109, while the Pro SB will run $1,309

Smith & Wesson 460XVR 'Bone Collector'

Only 1,500 of these guns are being made, each individually numbered. With its 7.5-inch barrel, it's designed for hunters and its .460 cartridge can take down pretty much any game you can imagine. As yet, Smith & Wesson hasn't announced when they'll go on sale, but they'll cost you $1,680 when they do.

Pistols may not generally be thought of as the tools of hunters, but Glock's hoping to change that with this 10 millimeter handgun. The 10 mm cartridge is said to be one of the few semiautomatic pistol calibers that's effective against big game—a market that Glock is apparently interested in courting. Pricing hasn't yet been announced.

Beretta Pico LaserMax .380

This incredibly small (and light) handgun is designed for the women's market—particularly for women who want to carry a concealed weapon. It's so light you could take it out on a jog. It is also equipped with a laser sight to improve shooting accuracy. MSRP starts at $399.

Mossberg Patriot Rifles

This new line of bolt-action rifles from Mossberg is designed to appeal to a wide range of customers. More than 50 models are being released, including 11 hunting calibers. Some offer rifle sights and others have a protective, weather-resistant finish. Prices will range from $386-$554.

Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander

With an aluminum frame rather than a stainless steel one, the SR1911 is seven ounces lighter than its predecessor. It also features a hardwood stock grip and an extended thumb safety, giving it a clean look. MSPR is $899.

Taurus Curve

Cell phones and TVs aren't the only things that are embracing curved surfaces. Taurus has received a lot of criticism about its curved design, but it's not a firearm that seems to be made for enthusiasts. Instead, it's an entry-level .380 gun that may appeal to first-time buyers, who are attracted to its wearable features. It's priced at a low $392.

Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Double Pump Shotgun

Each pump of this two-barreled shotgun will feed two shells into the chamber, but it only has one trigger that fires each barrel independently. It also features a recoil reducing spring and has mounting surfaces for lights, laser sights and more—though it is certainly wider than most shotguns you may be familiar with. MSRP is $1,400.


Israel Weapon Industries is best known for the Uzi, but its Galil AK rifles are just as respected. This updated version, which was a hit among showgoers, will offer two models—a 16-inch barreled rifle and a pistol with an 8.3-inch barrel. The rifle is roughly three-quarters of a pound lighter than its predecessor and features a longer sight than most AKs. MSRP starts at $1,749.

Benelli 828U

Benelli's a familiar name among hunters and this good-looking shotgun is one of the more eye-catching firearms at the show. It comes with either a 26- or 28-inch barrel and features a walnut stock. Other features include a new recoil reduction system and an adjustable stock for a custom fit. MSRP is $2,499

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