SCM player skins Full Of Weapons: Make Me An Offer

Make Me An Offer

Interested in Promoting Your Business , Just Contact me , and we can work something out.

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Anonymous said...

Love the content from our site. I run a facebook page called Interested in doing some co promotion?



Anonymous said...

the site would be so much better if you got rid of the annoying music that constantly loads every time one goes to visit a page

FOW said...

Marshall , i can't find your page.

Anonymous said...

Good Night guys

A brazilian company, the IMBEL, fabricated a new rifle, the IA-2. You could do some posting about it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely site but do you ever ask permission from image owners?? or give credit for their work?

Here is clear instructions on how to use my image

Read it and sort it out or remove it from your site

That's my image

Using somebody's work like it's your own one for your own benefit is not a good practice!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I own a business called The Original American, LLC and I would really like to be able to work something out so that you can help me promote my business. If you could contact me via private message on Facebook I will give you my email address and phone number.

My page is:
Just log onto my page and message me if you would.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Nathan R.

Anonymous said...

Hello, My name is Seth and I represent "Trinity Force" we are a optics manufacturing company.

I am very interested in doing some cross promotions. Perhaps even prepping and launching a sale through your Facebook page.

Here is our facebook page

feel free to contact me through there at any time.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Good morning,

I would like an address to send in a copy of my book to the editor please.

It is entitled CP TAM: Close Protection Tactical Aide-Memoire.

The book is a bodyguard manual and the best selling of its genre on Amazon.

More info at the link if you need it, or just ask me.

Anonymous said...

Unique-ARs is running a competition to give away one of its hand guards to the person who submits the best description. Do you allow audience sharing on you facebook or blog for competitions. Contact me at or visit our website at

James said...

Good afternoon,

I Just launched a startup company making tactical gear. I would like to discus the possibility of having you help promote our new holsters.

I launched the company with the intent of bringing reliable, rugged, and comfortable custom kydex holsters to everyone without the wait or cost generally associated with custom fit holsters. We are proud to launch our new products that are what we hope to be the new standard in everyday and duty holster.

Please PM me on our FB page!

I look forward to speaking with you,

Anonymous said...


I hope all is well!

My name is Darin and I work on the Publisher Development team at eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network.

I’m reaching out today to see if Full Of Weapons would be interested in becoming a publisher on our network. We have a number of advertisers that could be a great addition to your site, including: Field Supply, Campmor, 5.11 Tactical, and many others.

I have included the signup link below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Darin Dolan
Associate, Affiliate - Publisher Development
eBay Enterprise
P: 570 706 3763 | F: 877 554 3947

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