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Polenar Tactical

We are devout shooters and responsible gun owners interested in advancing the firearm and shooting culture across our own country of Slovenia and across Europe.
Our one big passion is filming (hopefully) entertaining videos which we upload to our YouTube channel Polenar Tactical.
We are also passionate about advocating safe, responsible gun ownership, are skeptical of governmental gun control laws that limit access to physically and mentally healthy individuals who wish to pursue the sport of shooting and/or require firearms for their personal protection and believe in personal freedom, responsibility and our duty to ourselves and to others in our community who require our help.
We strive to be viewed not as crazy people with guns, but as intelligent individuals, who stand behind what they love and believe in, even if that is gun ownership and liberties associated with it.
We are fortunate and grateful that we live in this great country which has one of the most liberal gun laws in the whole of Europe. That is why believe that we are all responsible for keeping it that way and presenting ourselves in the most civil way possible.
Our purpose and misson is to present this, as we see it, intelligent shooting community of stand-up individuals to as broader a public as we can and further the understanding of guns, gun rights and personal freedoms and dispel the fears and misunderstandings people often associate with guns.
The Polenar Tactical Team

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